National Indian Cannabis Coalition

NICC is an educational resource for Tribal leaders to have access to accurate information on the multi-layer process of financing, designing and construction of an effective cannabis cultivation and manufacturing enterprise. Each tribe has unique interests, needs and regulatory restrictions to address which requires a strategy specifically designed for their individual success.

This industry has the complexity of the tobacco industry and the regulatory pressure and profitability opportunity of the gaming industry. It is a scientific, high tech form of agriculture that requires a structured level of professionalism in security, financing and management. Those on the legal and policy fronts are important for Tribal leaders to consult with directly.

NICC has been formed to help move Tribal leaders through the information hurdles of creating working cultivation and manufacturing facilities. NICC is an educational resource for information on the medical benefits of cannabis; economic development opportunities for building a self-sustaining cultivation project from seed to sale; and investing with consideration for public health and safety.